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  • The injectable dosage form is more effective than other ways of administration of peptides into the body.

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  • The encapsulated form has many advantages. This is one of the most convenient forms of their administration.

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  • The efficiency of peptides in the form of sublingual drops is comparable in its effect to the injectable dosage form.

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  • The peptide drugs in a spray form cause a rapid therapeutic effect. This method is fast and convenient.

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  • Selective androgen receptor modulators are able to bind with male sex hormones - androgens, and interact with them.

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News & Events

  • For the information of buyers and dealers: the production of AC-262 was launched. This medication belongs to the SARMs of the 5th generation and has many positive functions: reduces the effect of dihydrotestosterone on the human body and reduces the level of luteinizing hormone.
  • Our company launched the production of the BPC-157 peptide. This product is already available for shipment to distributors. This peptide includes 15 amino acids and is absolutely safe.
  • The production of the ACE-031 peptide – a soluble form of the activin receptor of IIB type – was launched. This investigational peptide is a recombinant fusion protein that blocks the action of myostatin and other related proteins that restrict the muscle tissue growth rate.

Our company produces high quality peptides and is among the leaders in the global pharmaceutical market. We enjoy high confidence of our consumers and partners. By purchasing our products, you can be sure that thanks to them you can achieve the desired results.